Thursday, December 7, 2017

Susanna Leonard Hill's 7th Annual Holiday Contest - A Children's Holiday Story

Hi there. This holiday season, I am being courageous and entering the contest for the first time. Thumbs up for everyone, and Happy Holidays.

Working title: A Surprise for Ava. PB WC 250

Dear Santa,

My name is Ava Evans. Please make sure you have me on your list.

This Christmas I would love a pet, even if mommy doesn’t want one.

But if YOU bring me a pet… she won’t get upset. So, please, please, please, make my dream come true.

I’ve been very good this year, REALLY! Well, besides a few accidents.

It wasn’t my fault I broke my big brother’s ruler. He was making fun of me, and it sort of fell and broke.

It wasn’t my fault I spilled the bowl of cereals on the kitchen table and floor. I was trying to catch a fly that wanted to drink my milk.

It wasn’t my fault mommy found a box full of cockroaches under my bed. They were the only pets I thought she wouldn’t find.

I’m sure these little accidents don’t count as being bad, right?

Oh! Just in case you don’t remember my address, here it is:

222 Snowball Lane
Cupboard County, USA.
Big kiss and hug.

Ava put the letter in an envelope and slipped it into the mailbox.

On Christmas morning, Ava ran downstairs. She rummaged through the pile of gifts and found a big box with her name on it.

She unwrapped it and sighed. A few tears rolled down her cheeks.

 ‘I didn’t want a dollhouse, I wanted a pet!’

Then… Ava saw a tiny snout peeking through a window of the dollhouse.

“Awesome! I knew my dream would come true.”