My Pets

 Attila was saved by my mother in law from a cat that was hungry. It had hardly any feathers, I fed her with tweezers every two hours even at work, she is now free, I hope she is doing Okay.

 Birru was found roaming the streets in town, my husband and son brought him home. Sweet little thing.

 Lola came by one day, her nose was bleeding, the dogs were barking, as I went outdoors to see what was going on, there she was walking towards me. I picked her up and fed her goat's milk. The Vet said I couldn't keep her and that I must contact the Provincial Police. I did, and the officer picked her up, promised me she would be okay. Two hours later I phoned the Wild Animal Care Center to see if she arrived sound and safe. Unfortunately, she didn't make it. Poor Lola. If there will be a next time, I will keep the little creature at home.

 Ernestina was found by my husband hopping around in the kitchen one summer. She was free, she came and left as she pleased. We were told she had belonged to an elderly couple in a nearby town that had adopted her, but she was nasty. She would follow me around the grounds, perch herself on my shoulder and pick at my ear. That winter she disappeared. She was well known in the neighborhood for stealing car keys or whatever shined in the bright daylight.

 Gigi, was brought to me by my daughter, her friend had found him in downtown Genoa. The Vet had said  he didn't have enough fat to survive the winter months. We adopted him, he grew big and strong, then we set him free in the spring.


 Holly, a female bunny, great character, she has had little bunnies this spring and is free to roam the grounds. I haven't seen her in the past three days I hope she is okay. She was in heat and the male was nowhere to be seen.

 Pina, after 20 yrs passed away.

 Chucky and Pixie when they were 8 months old, now they are 8 yrs old.

 Gigi in the spring.

 The Trio, Schiffiz, Walter and Macchia.

 Walter, more or less 2 months old, was found on the side of the road, he was  picked up by my son.

 Willy had been abandoned near our shop on May 2nd, he weighed 6.7 Kg and the owners had left him in a cage, with food, brush and a note saying, My name is Willy, I'm sterilized, I will bring more food for him.
He is very affectionate but he fights with any cat that gets near the house.At first, he was scared of his own shadow.

Ying and Yang, Walter full grown and Macchia that was found by Walter and adopted by our family.