Sunday, June 21, 2015

Would you be willing to give up your car and go on foot to save the environment?

I bet you wouldn’t, neither would I probably.

 However, if every single human being did something to help the environment everyday it would be a better place to live in. It wouldn’t take much. Less soap and detergents down the drain, less waste of clean drinking water, by taking less showers or quick showers.

Help by not polluting the grounds in your back yard with pesticides. Just because a little bug is sitting on your patio or because you have aphids on your flowers doesn't mean you have to pollute the whole area. There are environment safe products you can use that can do the job. For instance, use tobacco tea and spray your plants.

On Google +, many people add some beautiful pictures of animals and exotic rain forests. It helps us forget what it really is like out there and gives us hope for the future generations. Yes, there are still some Gardens of Eden but I truly fear for the future of mankind and the animal kingdom. 

Mankind would need to learn a lesson in order to realize how much damage he has caused to his environment in the last century. We would need a global shut down for a few weeks to make us realize that we can’t take mother earth for granted. 

Imagine for a moment, that you have,

  •  no running water coming from your water tap in the house,

  •  you have no lights because the electricity grid is shutdown,

  •  no Internet,

  • no gasoline for your car, because the pumps don’t work, I could go on and on.

What would you do?

If you lived in the country and had a vegetable garden,

  •  you would plant more potatoes, cabbage, and beets to stock the root cellar for the winter months.

You would be one-step ahead of the others,

  • if you were handy around the house, and you learned how to make candles by harvesting the capping from your beehives,

  • if  you made soap from your ashes in the wood stove.

  • if you had a wood stove, you would keep warm even if there were a total shut down.

  • if you were clever enough to have installed a water turbine in the small waterfall that you hooked up to a generator or  had a water wheel.

If our ancestors survived so could we.

If you lived in the city, you would be in big trouble.

No wood stove, no running water, not even a stream nearby, no heat, just chaos and cement. Most people would not survive.

Mankind is not evolving; there is a regression in course, an involution.
Involution as in retrogression; restoration of a former state.

Mankind is going backwards not forwards.

Every day on the news or on the Internet, we hear about animal extinction. Today we hear about the African elephants, tomorrow the Polar bears, soon, we will be an endangered species.

Today’s headline: The African forest elephants are being massacred into extinction. As usual, mankind is not kind at all. Why is it that profit always gets in the way no matter what?

I learned in Environmental Economy that mankind wants to

  •  be rich now,

  •  his interest now, is making money so he can live a leisure life now,

Why wait for tomorrow, who cares about what will happen 20 yrs or 40 yrs from now.

Many industrialized countries are taking advantage of the weak, poor, and sick populations.

 In the end, the under industrialized countries get nothing but a handful of dust once the Biggies have finished exploiting their land.

We are exploiting too many of our resources.

The black gold oil and its products have been poisoning our environment and us for the past century not to mention the wars behind it.
Soon, we will have global blue gold water wars .   .

Because of man’s thirst for money, and the frequent environmental disasters, our water, air, and food are polluted.

I was reading an article about a contest on vertical farming. It’s called vertical farming design challenge.

Vertical farming is the future seeing that there is not much land left to farm because of desertification.

The main cause of desertification is human activity and an over populated planet.

Jacque Cousteau warned us about birth control 60 yrs ago.

According to his first book, The Silent World: A Story of Undersea Discovery and Adventure, he was in favor of human population control and population decrease. The planet would not be able to sustain such a demographic boom. 

In 1953 the average annual growth rate was 1.77% in 2014 the average growth rate was 1.14%.

In just 100 years World population increased from 1.5 to 6.1 billion, we have now reached 7.3 billion. Experts say that the World population growth rate is falling. I hope they are right.

Instead of researching vertical farming, why don’t we try to pitch in and try to save what’s left.

For instance, if we ate vegetables and fruits that are healthy for us, instead of meat, we would have more farming land. Without intensive animal breeding, there would be more space for healthy farming and less CH4, methane in the atmosphere. No need for O.G.M. and pesticides there would be enough food for everyone. No more farming land for animal forage plants, because we don’t eat meat anymore, remember.

Thus instead of growing corn for chickens, we grow corn for human beings.

This was my thought for the day.

What do you think we could do to help our planet and ourselves?
How could you start to prepare yourself ahead of time in case there was a major shut down? How could you survive?

Think about it, what can you do to save the planet.