Monday, May 18, 2015

How to choose a pen name. Are you sure you really need one?

YOU can become whoever you like, BUT be yourself, don’t try to impersonate anyone, it will complicate things. 

One good example is the following;  I wrote a book thinking I could use my real name and then found out I had to get a pen name, now that was a problem. So here I am trying to write two Blog’s at the same time and trying to be earnest and overall honest with my readers, writing under two different names is difficult, it’s time consuming, and I have less time on hand to write my books, or do my gardening or, or…

 I was always told as a child that truthful words stand the test of time; but lies are soon exposed. I hate the fact of using a pen name, it’s not me. I don’t invent things on my Blogs; it is still me writing about my real self on the other Blog, only under another name unfortunately. I would have preferred to write for one Blog that’s all. 

Anne R. Allen gave me some good advice and sent me a link to Kristen Lamb’s Blog on the subject. If you are going crazy as I am, look them up, I found it very useful. Anne posts very good content in her Blogs.

Remember seeing the poster 'I can do it' years ago?

It’s been around a lot for commercial use and has been used way too much, but I like it.  It was J.Howard Miller that re-interpreted the photograph by UPI and created the poster of Geraldine Hoff age 17. At the time she was a factory worker.
Miller added muscles and rearranged the photograph. 

You can read about this on Wikipedia.

When I look at it, it gives me strength, you can do it Eleanor, hang in there you’re not a quitter.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a feminist. I work like a man when I need to and foremost when I want to.

I am and will always be a Tomboy and I enjoy jobs men usually do such as carpentry, masonry or working at the lathe in our plant.

I may not have the muscles men have but I can use my brain. Women are usually pretty good at getting around things. Women are multitasking robots.

When it comes to being a Mom, I am a mother to my children that often complain I am too apprehensive at times.

I can become a lover and mistress for my wonderful husband.

I can escape from adulthood by having long walks in the woods, observing tadpoles in a pond and picking up anything that seems new and interesting as I did as a kid.

If you want something bad enough grab it. Perseverance is the secret. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again. (Written by Thomas H. Palmer’s Teacher’s Manual). 
It works, I never to give up.

I just bought another book on platforms written by Michael Hyatt, Platform Get noticed in a Noisy World.

I have read two other books on the subject and find that all three of them are useful. Whatever information is lacking in one book you can find in the other. One written by Kristen Lamb and the other by Anne R Allen.

If you have any comments or have any suggestions regarding pen names please let me know.
I would love to hear from you. I hope this information was useful.