Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring in Italy. Great time to pick your fresh herbs and work outdoors.

Ok, here we go. I’ve just created my Blog. Now what? I have been surfing the web on “How to write a Blog” for a while now. Everyone suggested I have a Blog, it’s a must nowadays. But seeing I am not a teenager anymore it’s not easy. I hope to be able to entertain you in the future writing about all of my interests and it would be nice to be able to communicate with you and see what your interests are and get some feedback about my blogging. Go see the “About me page” to find out who I am.
Any help or suggestions on your part would be great.
So now that you’ve read about me, do you have any questions or a particular topic you would like to chat/write about? Just for starters OR was I supposed to write Blog about.
Okay, I will start first.
Many people told me over and over again, that I must tell bloggers that I will post at least once a week. I will do that on Sundays. If you have read ‘about me’, you will have noticed I am residing in Italy. You can also write to me in Italian or French whichever language you prefer.

Oh, by the way, Happy Easter. This here is Biru our Lionhead bunny.

Today it is windy, and yesterday it rained all day.
My plans for this weekend are ruined; I had my equipment ready to work outdoors and now I can't.
I had my chainsaw all cleaned up and I put a new chain on it because last weekend it just burnt the wood instead of cutting it. Then I managed to get a new starter pulley for my brush cutter because that had broken as well and now I cannot use either of them. I guess I will just have to relax over the long weekend. I have a lot of pruning and cutting to do around the grounds. I am very late this year because of all the rainy weather this winter. We had a few floods this year.

See the stream in my driveway.

I don’t know about your end of the world, but in the north of Italy everything is blooming, it’s so beautiful.

My overgrown plum tree

 The spring and autumn are my favorite seasons in Italy. In the spring, there are so many wild flowers and herbs I can use in the kitchen. I pick the leaves of dandelions, primrose, burdock, and nettles. I wash them thoroughly and boil them for about ten minutes. Then I make an omelet. I also use nettles when I make my homemade noodles. The dandelion and primrose leaves are very good in salads.
In the autumn, I pick my grapes and rose hip. I make grape juice instead of wine and dry the rose hip to use in my herb tea in the winter. I miss the foliage we had in Canada. The next best thing in Italy, are the vineyards with their multi-hued shades of red, orange and yellow leaves.